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Bob & Timmy's Review

Burrito Company Food Tour Provides Chance to Make New Friends

Eating my way through Blackstone Valley - Take the Secret Ingredient Tour

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Great Time at Bob & Timmy's

Went to Bob & Timmy's Pizza in North Smithfield with the Blackstone Valley secret ingredient tour & had a great time. We went early as I like to check out the place before everyone gets to busy with the people from the tour. We sat at the bar which at 1st glance is smaller then most bars but once we sat down and started to look closer at the array of liquors on the shelf I was very impressed. They were equipped to make any drink you could want. Had at least 9 beers on tap, Narragansett, Newport Storm & Palm to name a few. I watched the bartender make a mean Margarita for a customer. We left the bar to go and sit in the dinning room, which is one big room with plenty of space between tables.

Rick came over & gave us the history of Bob & Timmy's which was started on the hill (Federal Hill) in Providence over 20 years ago and how they opened this new location about a 1 ½ ago. His partner has introduced Mexican food on this menu and it is a big hit in this area. Rick explained grilled pizza and how it is cooked which was very interesting. I am not a big fan of grilled pizza or should I say I was not a fan of grilled pizza until now He also told us that if you order a salad it is big enough for 2 people.

Now for the best part of the tour, eating!!! They brought out 4 pizzas 2 with the same ingredients but one was grilled and the other was traditional style BBQ CHICKEN. We love to eat & talk about the great flavors and we loved the tangy BBQ on these pizzas. The onions were sautéed & sweet. Both pizzas were delicious. The 3rd pizza was there famous SPINACH &MUSHROOM which has been featured on T.V. The Pizza's looks alone won me over. Fresh Spinach is one of my favorites and the pizza did not disappoint! Last but not least of the pizza's was the EVERYTHING which everyone agreed was the best, except me I still loved the Spinach one J .

Then it did not stop there, they also brought out 2 calzones for us to sample. A Buffalo Chicken and a Cheese I think. Why I say I think is because I had to much food on my plate and I only tried the Buffalo calzone, which was spicy but not overly spicy and it was accompanied by a mild blue cheese dressing, i was planning on going back for a piece of the other calzone when they came out with pasta. Yes more food!!! One Pasta dish also a specialty THE HILL SPECIAL, very rich very good with gouda cheese,sundried tomatoes & mushrooms and the last pasta was a very simple red sauce, no cheese. I am getting full all over again just thinking of all the food again. So if you are in the neighborhood of either locations please stop in and have a glass of wine and a great pizza and tell them that they were highly recommended by the BLACKSTONE VALLEY CULINARIA TOUR. Great food, great prices, great people. I cannot wait for the next tour but unfortunately I will be away for the next few dinners but be assured I will be back to let you know about the next one I go on. Happy Eating !!!! - Deb M.

Burrito Company Food Tour Provides Chance to Make New Friends

The Blackstone Valley Tourism Council offers an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to participate in a culinary experience that also supports the local restaurants and a thriving buy local food economy in communities throughout the Blackstone Valley.

Every Wednesday, participants can venture out to a different restaurant for a chef demonstration and a savory meal. The restaurants are as varied as the ethnic populations that were drawn to the Blackstone Valley for labor opportunities during the Industrial Revolution. One Wednesday it could be Chinese, another it could be Portuguese, Vietnamese or as was the case last month, Mexican.

The Burrito Company in Woonsocket gave a warm welcome as 28 gathered for food, conversation, and a chance to make new friends as I did with a lovely couple from East Greenwich who was joining us for the first time.

Our evening began with chips and homemade salsa followed by a demonstration on how to make Strawberry Mango Sangria. Deliciously fruity made with fresh pureed strawberries, Mango puree by Goya, triple sec with lime, orange juice, and fruity liquors and white wine. Yum! .

The drink demonstration was followed by a lesson in chopping vegetables for a fresh cucumber salsa made with English cucumber, roma tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, sea salt, and black pepper.

Participants feasted on a meal of make- your-own chicken, bean and cheese fajitas. Many commented on how fresh the food was and how delectable. Seasoned with rosemary the chicken was very savory. The guacamole was the best with chunks of tomato and avocado. Owners Denise and Anthony Sierra use local produce bought from a farm in North Smithfield. Denise stated that they worked out a deal to have even the cilantro grown locally at the farm. She said that supporting each other helps the local economy grow.

The Burrito Company should be commended for their sustainable choice to buy local and using fresh ingredients. It is obvious that the restaurant has a following in the local community as other vacant tables and the bar filled up with other patrons beside ourselves out to enjoy a mid-week break for some good “California style Mexican” food!

Visit blackstoneculinaria.com for a complete listing of restaurants and join us for food, friendship and fun. For more information about The Burrito Company visit theburritoco.com

Here are the recipes from this recent food tour.

Cucumber Salsa Recipe

Strawberry Mango Sangria

1 cup English Cucumber
½ cup Red Onion
½ cup Roma Tomatoes
¼ cup Red Wine Vinegar
1 tbl Jalapeno
1 tbl Fresh Cilantro
Salt & Pepper to taste
Cut the cucumber, red onion, and tomatoes into small cubes.
Finely dice jalapeno and cilantro.
Add all ingredients into mixing bowl and lightly mix.
Add salt and pepper to your preference.

Large Pitcher
4oz Lime Vodka
1oz Peachtree Schnapps
1oz Triple Sec
1oz Strawberry Liqueur
1oz Mango Liqueur
1/3 cup Strawberry Puree
1/3 cup Mango Puree
4 cups White Wine
2 cups OJ
Splash of Sprite
Garnish with Citrus


Eating My Way Through Blackstone Valley - Take the Secret Ingredient Tour

If Julie Powell can cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook and have fun, than I have made it my goal to eat my way throughout the Blackstone Valley.

Last year the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council sponsored the International Food Tour, and I had the opportunity to try Colombian, Mexican, and Portuguese food along Broad Street – hmm hmm and didn't even have to lift a finger or open a cookbook. This year the Tourism Council takes you on a tour with a variety of ethnic, local favorites, and other delectable delights on the Secret Ingredient Food Tour.

No cooking necessary but recipes and secrets are shared by some of the Valley's best chef's. This week I and several others slowly savored Shrimp Spumoni hosted by Joe at Spumoni's Restaurant in Pawtucket and prepared by Chef Tony. As Chef Tony sauteed the shrimp in sherry wine and let it simmer in garlic butter, the tantalizing aroma wafted throughout the restaurant. The demonstration continued to tempt the senses as we watched, tasted, and applauded with delight every bite. The secret ingredient in my opinion was the savory garlic butter. And yes sharing of the recipe was welcomed by our hosts.

The buffet equally tantalized the taste buds with Chicken Milanese, Ziti and Sauce, and Baked Scrod followed by the sweet taste of Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares. Belly full and taste buds satisfied – Magnifico. Next week Rasoi for a taste of India – I can hardly wait! It's not too late to join me and eat your way through the Valley. Visit this website and join fun.